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Black Ships

Literary translations (non-fiction) by James Lipson

  • Katō, Shūichi. Selected articles from his Twilight Rambles series for the Asahi shimbun newspaper (appearing in English in 2005 ~ 2006 in the Asahi Evening News and then Herald-Asahi newspapers): “Freedom of the Press: Three Fables” (orig. 2005.02.25); “One Night in Tokyo, Sixty Years Ago” (orig. 2005.03.24); “A Spring Dream” (orig. 2005.04.20); “Election Results” (orig. 2005.09.21), etc.

  • Iwai, Katsuhito. “The Merchant of Venice and the Theory of Capital.” Soon to be made available on the Web, via a Creative Commons publication. Originally published in Japanese as the title essay in The Merchant of Venice and the Theory of Capital (Chikuma Shobō, 1992), pp. 8-72.

  • Inose, Naoki (trans. James Lipson, under pen name “Jamie West” for Diplomatt, Inc.). The Century of the Black Ships; Chronicles of War between Japan and America. Viz Media: 2009. (418 pp.) Originally published in Japanese in 1993.

Modern Japanese Literature

Literary co-translations (fiction) by James Lipson & Kyoko Kurita

  • Kōda, Rohan. The Icon of Liberty (Fūryūbutsu, 1889). In The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature, ed. J. Thomas Rimer and Van C. Gessel (Columbia University Press, 2005), vol. I, pp. 105-152.

  • Tanizaki, Jun’ichirō. “A Golden Death” (1914). In Angela Yiu (ed.), Three-Dimensional Reading: Re-imagining Time and Space in Japanese Modernist Fiction. (Univ. of Hawaii Press, 2013).

  • Matsumoto, Seichō. Hidden Flowers; Selected Short Stories (1979). Kita-Kyūshū: Kita-Kyūshū Shiritsu Matsumoto Seichō Kinen Kaikan, January 2008. (61 pp.)
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