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Metaphoria® Productions, based in Claremont, California (Los Angeles County) and on the World Wide Web, is a nexus for facilitating the production
and post-production of entertainment, edutainment, and advertising-industry projects.

Our goal is to enable creative synergies throughout a "small but global"SM network of specialized project managers, translators, editors,
copywriters, casting directors, studio facilities, and technical specialists.

We have a special expertise in Japan-related projects. Associated vendors in Japan include:

  • one of Japan's top TV commercial production companies;
  • one of Japan's oldest-established and best-connected film production coordination companies;
  • one of the world's leading translator/writers of Japanese ADR dialog (English-to-Japanese);
  • one of Tokyo's finest one-stop shops for production and distribution of ADR projects, in Japan and internationally,
    including subtitling and voiceover localization, and featuring its own casting and directing capabilities,
    state-of-the-art recording facilities, and a 40-language range (to and from Japanese).
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